Asia Pacific

Rebuilding Subic Bay

Providing Engineering Equipment and Solutions
Construction Equipment

We sell and lease new and pre-owned construction equipment and tools for contractors.

Construction Materials

We provide all kinds of construction materials such as Re-enforcement bars, I-beams, cements

On-demand On-site Power

We provide diesel generators and industrial grade batteries on-demand and on-site.

Imports & stockpiling

We have the license to tax-free import a wide range of products to Subic Bay. 

We are constructing a large-scale intelligent warehouse and a cold storage facility to strengthen our import and stockpiling  operation in Subic Bay

Products we import to Subic Bay Tax-free

Telecom equipment and facility

Industrial machineries

Pharmaceutical products

Surgical and medical equipment

Groceries, frozen products, vegetables, fruits, meats

Household goods, furniture, appliances

Scrap materials

Cigarettes, tobacco, wine and liquor


Subic Bay is our home

While we at CDG  thrive to create shareholder value, we also work hard to make Subic Bay a comfortable place for the residents and the visitors.
We have developed a number of youth programs aim at promoting environmental awareness, career development and public health in Subic Bay.